CRISP Portal

The CRISP Portal is the primary web based platform utilized by CRISP participants, providing access to all HIE services.


CRISP developed the CRISP Portal, in partnership with hMetrix, to provide a superior user experience while leveraging CRISP applications. The CRISP Portal will replace the Unified Landing Page (ULP) as the access point to all CRISP tools. The new CRISP Portal contains all the same data you are familiar with in ULP, only the CRISP Portal makes application use and navigation more efficient. Below is key information regarding the upcoming access point migration.

Key Improvements

  • The Unified Landing Page (ULP) will be replaced by the CRISP Portal. The new URL for the CRISP Portal is .
  • All users accounts will be protected by secure application or token based two factor authentication.
  • Users with access to clinical data can patient search directly from the home page and launch searched patient data into various applications seamlessly.
  • Patient search has been simplified and improved.
  • Users can send direct secure feedback to the CRISP Support staff from within the CRISP Portal.
  • Product update notifications will appear on the homepage so users will never miss helpful changes or tips.

Q & A

When will the CRISP Portal Replace ULP?

What is Required of Users to Set Up Access?